1997EV Sonic Genesis evolved through a series of experimental impro sessions around the end of the 90's, waving to explore new sonic and psychedelic horizons. The project first pointed out to a Logos whose consciousness initially gave birth to several heavy-on-drones and drum machines four-track tape recordings, flowing from a surreal trance-impro style onto subliminal free-pop-folk industrial structures, each one able to incarnate at different times until they reached completion in 1997EV.


Releases so far are available through: (T)reue um (T)reue, Solis Kanones, Trasponsonic, Punch:-Records, Neue Kultur and Disques de Lapin.


Reviews and articles have appeared in Heathen Harvest (USA), Side-Line (Belgium), (Germany), Aural Innovations (USA), Foxy Digitalis (USA), PAN.O.RAMA Journal (Colombia), Funprox (NL), Hard Art (Poland), Blow Up Magazine (Italy), The Broken Face (Sweden), Mentenebre (Spain), Aural Pressure (UK), club|debil (Germany), Sonido Obscuro (Spain), (France), Gothtronic (NL), Rosa Selvaggia (Italy), Terrorverlag (Germany), Chain D.L.K (USA), BLACK Onlinemagazin (Germany), Obsküre Mag (France), BACK AGAIN (Germany), Kulturterrorismus (Germany) ...



1997EV has so far played several european cult venues such as UT Connewitz (Leipzig), Urban Spree (Berlin), NK (Berlin), MS Stubnitz (Hamburg), Magasin 4 (Bruxelles), Café Central (Bruxelles), La Gare Expérimentale (Paris), Mochvara (Zagreb)... sharing the stage with bands like Novy Svet, Wermut, Thomas Nöla et Son Orchestre, Tzii, Mushroom's Patience, Spettro Family, Niedowierzanie, Dolina, Solar Skeletons, Parade Ground.


1997EV has been seeding its tight sonic sound for several years, showing the spell of interacting within the deep wall of sound resulting on stage.




TuT/RuR Tonträger
Postfach 1311
23903 Ratzeburg



It is 2015, and we are still here.
We strive to bring you our sonic conspiracy above all else,
and hope you inspire us do the same.





If you’re interested in booking 1997EV or you’d like more information about, please get in touch through here.